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2020 MMASC Annual Conference Call for Speakers Form

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  2. 2020 Annual Conference

    Municipal Management Association of Southern California’s (MMASC) Annual Conference attracts approximately 250 attendees, the majority of whom are early to mid-level managers representing cities, counties, and special districts and consulting firms. MMASC is looking for engaging, thought-provoking speakers with a unique story or perspective. Speakers who can provide a dynamic presentation on any number of topics related to local government. MMASC’s objective for its attendees is to have them return to work inspired to take action with a renewed sense of passion for why they pursued a career in local government.

  3. Call for Speakers

    MMASC is currently accepting submissions for session presenters from individuals, groups, organizations, MMASC members and our Corporate Partners for the upcoming 2020 MMASC Annual Conference.


    PLEASE NOTE: The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in budget cuts, travel restrictions, bans on large gatherings and many unknowns. The 2020 Annual Conference will therefore be hosted virtually in an attempt to keep our members, Partners and presenters safe while providing a flexible, affordable avenue for ongoing professional development during this unprecedented time.


    Conference sessions will be scheduled live or made available for viewing from October 26-29, 2020.


    The theme of the conference is "Transforming Public Service." Today’s local government professionals are faced with situations requiring unparalleled creativity, heightened engagement, and outside-the-box solutions. Whether we lean on best practices or try something new, the foundation of public service (and MMASC) is a passion and commitment to developing people and communities. Resiliency is the name of the game in 2020 and everyone is looking at how they can transform to meet an unknown future.


    The deadline for speaker proposals is Wednesday, July 29, 2020.

  4. Proposal Submission and Selection Process

    All proposals must be submitted through the online proposal collection process. You will be required to fill out the online form below with contact information and required fields. Proposals submitted will be reviewed by the MMASC Annual Conference Committee, which will make selections based on content, objectives, relevance, significance, originality, clarity, and speaker experience. All proposals must also fit within one of the three session tracks:


    1) Innovation & Transformation (Community Focused). If there was ever a time when local government professionals had to dig deep into their creative minds, it’s now. While we have always been looking at new, innovative ways of providing service, the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly demanded we look at transformative processes and policies. By looking at ways communities have had to transform to keep up with changes in legislation, growing diversity and community needs, and more, Innovation & Transformation sessions look to share the successes and lessons learned from strategies used to address not only COVID-19 response and recovery, but better government as well.


    2) Lead & Succeed (Personal/Personnel Focused). In order to stay at the top of your game, local government professionals need to continually improve. This improvement can be seen through skill development as well as personal growth and leadership. Lead & Succeed sessions are designed to give attendees skills and resources you can use to make a dramatic impact on your careers and personal development.


    3) Tried & True (Fundamental Focus). While each community is unique, local government professionals know that when it comes to certain things, we can look to best practices to help us serve more efficiently. Tried & True sessions take us back to our roots by focusing on fundamentals. Attendees will learn about successful activities that can be replicated in other communities through a nuts and bolts approach to tackling issues across a variety of areas.


    NOTE: Sessions from the Public Works, Finance, and Community or Economic Development fields will receive special consideration.


    All persons who submit proposals will receive notification of the committee’s decision no later than Friday, August 7, 2020.


    For questions about the proposal submission process please email


  5. Terms and Conditions*

    I/We understand that by submitting this proposal, I/We will be presenting over a digital platform and will therefore be required to pre-record or present to a live audience.

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    I/We understand that the PowerPoint for my/our presentation, along with any accompanying resources, will be due ten (10) business days in advance of my scheduled presentation to ensure attendees can access these materials through the conference platform.

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    Session proposal must fall under one of the session tracks listed below. Please select as many tracks as you see fit.

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    Please enter 1 - 3 learning objectives that will come from your presentation.

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  13. Please upload a headshot photo in .jpg format. Resolution size should be no less than 800k.

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    All persons who submit proposals will receive notification of the committee’s decision no later than August 7, 2020. For questions please email

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