What is the cost to participate?
CGL program is $75 to enroll/complete and $25 to renew (every two years). The assessment is included in the enrollment cost. Additional costs for coursework may be applicable depending on the sponsoring organization and venue.

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1. Why is being a Credentialed Government Leader valuable to my professional career?
2. Who is eligible to participate?
3. What is the cost to participate?
4. How do I apply for the CGL program?
5. Once my application has been accepted and I’ve paid for the program, how do I select a Mentor?
6. What is the program schedule?
7. How do I get a course approved for CGL credit?
8. If I'm an MMASC member but choose to attend a CGL course hosted by MMANC (or vice versa), can I still get credit?
9. Can I receive credit for taking qualified courses that I took prior to enrolling in the CGL program?
10. I’ve now completed ALL of my five core skill area courses as well as my three electives. Now what?
11. May I use online training to satisfy CGL requirements?