Governance & Leadership

MMASC Leadership

MMASC is composed of eight (8) Regions and each Region is represented by its own Regional Board. 

MMASC’s leadership is a fifteen-member (15) Board of Directors consisting of the President, Vice President, Director of Communications/Secretary, Director of Finance/Treasurer, Director of Programming, Director of Membership Services, Immediate Past President, a Region Board Member from each of the eight (8) Regions. Terms of office for Board Members will be for a one-year period beginning December 1 of each year.

Region Members

  • Region I – Central Coast
  • Region II – Channel Islands
  • Region III – Desert
  • Region IV – Inland Empire
  • Region V – North Los Angeles County
  • Region VI – South Los Angeles County
  • Region VII – Orange County
  • Region VIII – San Diego County