Governance & Leadership

MMASC Leadership

MMASC is composed of eight regions and each region is represented by its own regional board. Some regional boards are structured with multiple officers (chair, secretary,treasurer, etc) while others consist of only a regional chairperson.

MMASC’s leadership is a 19-member board of directors consisting of the president, vice president, director of communications/secretary, director of finance/treasurer, director of programming, director of membership, the chairperson from each of the eight regions, the immediate past president, and four general board members appointed by the president. All boardmembers’ term lengths are one year.

Region Members

  • Region I – Central Coast
  • Region II – Channel Islands
  • Region III – Desert
  • Region IV – Inland Empire
  • Region V – North Los Angeles County
  • Region VI – South Los Angeles County
  • Region VII – Orange County
  • Region VIII – San Diego County