History of MMASC


Read about the history behind Municipal Management Association of Southern California (MMASC) below:
  • Inception

    Formed in 1952 by seven assistants, from various cities, MMASC was first established under the auspices of the League of California Cities. The first president, Ernie Mariner from the City of Inglewood, was elected in 1953 and by 1954, the membership increased to twelve. Known since its inception as the "Young Turks", the organization formally named itself the Southern California Municipal Administrative Assistant Group (SCMAAG) in 1959, only to be shortened to Southern California Municipal Assistant Group (SCMAG) in 1960.
  • Growth

    In 1963, with a membership of approximately ninety-five, the SCMAG adopted its first statement of operating policies providing for an elected president, appointed secretary-treasurer, and for a name change to Municipal Management Assistants of Southern California (MMASC). In 1970, the operating policies were changed to reflect the current policy of competitive elections for the four offices.
  • Evolution

    The year 1964 saw the first female member and in 1965, MMASC sponsored its first annual conference. By 1969, the membership had grown to three hundred and the organization has continued to grow. During 1993, MMASC realigned its regional structure to reflect the growth of local governments throughout Southern California.
  • Identity

    At the Annual Meeting in 2001, the members approved changing the name of the organization from Municipal Management Assistants of Southern California to Municipal Management Association of Southern California. The members felt that the word "Association" is a better representation of the organization.
  • Today

    MMASC has grown to more than 800 private and public sector members in cities, counties, and special districts. It includes a seven member executive board elected by the general membership as a whole and eight regional board positions elected by the specific regions.