2023 Women's Leadership Summit

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In partnership, MMASC and Women Leading Government (WLG) invite you to join us for the opportunity to learn from and connect with female leaders in the public sector. The Women's Leadership Summit will offer professional development opportunities with a focus on Health, Engagement, and Reciprocity.  Obtain practical and useful insight on how to act with purpose, connect with intention, and support our future female leaders.

Thursday, May 18, 2023
9:00 am - 4:30 pm

City of Lake Forest - Civic Center Campus
100 Civic Center Drive
Lake Forest, CA 92630


Early-bird rate through April 30 Regular rate, April 30 through May 17 
MMASC/WLG Member$125$150
Student Member$75$95


9:10 AMGet Grounded: Finding Stability in the Waves of Change
Point your compass north before life throws you off course! The last three years have taught us that the only thing constant is change. To thrive, not just survive in today’s world you must know what is truly important. Don’t wait for a life-changing moment to change your life. Discover your true north, your core values, and get grounded in your purpose.
10:15 AMPermission to Pause: Living A Life Of Empowerment Through Self-Care 
Explore the power of practical self-care with tips that can be easily incorporated into your everyday life. Move past the guilt of taking care of yourself as you learn to live a life of empowerment in our fast-paced, to-do list culture, during this morning intermission.
10:45 AMEthical Advocacy: Balancing Support and Personal Preservation 
Advocacy is an important proficiency in the workplace, yet it can be a complicated task. Learn from leaders that carefully balance ethical considerations with effective communication, honesty, and professionalism. This advocacy is necessary to elevate ethical conduct in alignment with your organizational values. Develop strategies for advocacy, acquire tools to navigate ethical challenges, and understand the importance of building positive relationships in the workplace, leading to a healthier work environment and experience.
12:00 PMNetworking Lunch
1:30 PMHear H.E.R.
With the insight and direction acquired today, take this opportunity to ask your questions prompted by today’s topics, in this speed-coaching-inspired session. Seek advice from panelists that reflect you and your path, or those that motivate you most. This remarkable panel is composed of women of varying levels of experience and vast fields of expertise, each offering a unique perspective. Through this engaging session, we hope you are moved to go after your purpose.
2:45 PMMoment of Mindfulness: Finding Center in Shifting Environments
In today's fast-paced world, it's all too easy to become consumed by work and the demands of our daily lives. As a result, stress, anxiety, and burnout have become commonplace. The practice of mindfulness can offer a way to reconnect, reduce stress, and cultivate greater well-being. Learn about the benefits of mindfulness, practical tips for integrating this practice into your daily routine, and strategies for managing stress during this afternoon intermission.
3:15 PMCommunications and Social Media: Utilizing Metrics To Move Communities Forward
Online community engagement analytics have been viewed through the lens of likes, replies, followers, and other one-dimensional data points. Shift your view towards community engagement metrics that provide a more multidimensional perspective. Understanding the 'why' behind this data is vital. Learn how to use the 'why' to measure engagement more accurately, engage your community more effectively, and ultimately, move your community forward.
4:30 PMRegion 7 Networking MixH.E.R., Sponsored by KYA

If you have any questions, please contact the Women’s Leadership Committee by emailing wls@mmasc.org.