Statement of Values

Our organizations have inspired, informed, and connected local government leaders through the support of our engaged communities. We come together to learn, grow, and advance our profession.

Many of us were drawn to this profession because we wanted to make a difference in our communities and because we want to work for something bigger than ourselves. As local government professionals, we pride ourselves on our objectivity, subject matter expertise, ability to see all sides of an issue and advise on the best courses of action to serve our communities.  

Our communities continue to experience anger and pain as a result of institutionalized racism. The local government management profession is founded on a code of ethics which demands that we serve the best interests of all and act with integrity so that we may earn the trust of all those we serve. Addressing systemic racism is our ethical obligation. We cannot remain silent.  

We believe Black lives matter and understand that our duty as local government leaders means leading our organizations in a just and equitable way. We cannot ignore nor deny the injustice and discrimination people of color in our communities and our organizations have suffered and continue to suffer. We are here to evoke positive change.

We will cultivate opportunities for our members to have tough conversations, challenge inequitable power structures, listen, lead with empathy and develop, build, and implement just and equitable policies and programs in their organizations and communities.

We will advance our profession by elevating conversations calling for change and by continuing to provide training and programming that challenges our members' paradigms and perspectives while inspiring action at all levels in their organizations.

Working for local government gives us a seat at the power table. We can, we will, and we invite all to shake the table with us.