2019 Women's Leadership Summit

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Event Information

This year's 2019 Women's Leadership Summit is co-hosted with Women Leading Government and includes their L.A. County Roundtable breakout sessions as part of the one-day mini conference.

This year's theme "Rise Up! Lift Up! Straight Up!" focuses on internal growth (Rise Up!), encouraging growth in others and bringing them up with you (Lift Up!), and having open discussions about being a female leader in local government (Straight Up!).

The day ends with a networking reception in the open-air Garden Court.

Connect with other women and men, hear from dynamic speakers, participate in small group and interactive sessions, and expand your skills and knowledge! 


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Program Information

Keynote: Navigating Gender Bias in the Workplace

 As organizations begin to understand the importance of diversity training, one question still remains. How does one navigate bias in the face of persistent stereotypes and slow-changing cultures? In this keynote, participants will have the opportunity to learn the basics as it relates to gender bias, and to gain an understanding of the impact on women and the larger organization. The workshop will also offer practical tools to decrease the potentially negative outcomes related to gender bias. 

Speaker: Monique Tallon, Women's Leadership and Inclusion expert, author, and CEO of Highest Path Consulting

The Courage to Lead: Inner Dimensions of Leadership

This session will engage you with a self-assessment tool to help you discover how your personal style and traits relate to personal and professional relationships helping you to own who you are and what success for you in the workplace looks like. 

Speaker: Samantha Argabrite, Deputy City Manager/Public Information Officer, City of Simi Valley

Things I Didn't Know About Being a City Manager...Until I Was One!

Many of us are taking all of the “right” steps to train to be a city manager in order to ensure that the transition is smooth once we finally arrive. But are there some things that don’t present themselves until you’re finally in The Big Chair? Come listen to a panel of first-time city managers share the lessons that they didn’t learn until they were on the job.

Vegas Rules: Ask Me Anything!

Despite the #MeToo movement, speaking about sexism and gender bias in the workplace is still something of an undiscussable topic. When talking in public, we often put a glossy sheen over the negativity that professional women face in the workplace. Join a powerful group of leaders who are committed to candor and willing to answer your hard questions about the challenges they’ve experienced… as long as you agree to abide by Vegas Rules - what’s said here, stays here!

Panel: Engaging Men as Advocates

By engaging men in creating more equal workplaces, we're creating better leaders, stronger businesses, more fulfilling lives for both women and men, and showing that this is a business imperative required at all levels from all managers. This topic will identify ways in which women can form closer ties and partner with male counterparts to work together more effectively.

Panelists: TBD

What's Preventing You From Taking That Next Step?

There is opportunity for career advancement - what is holding you back from seeking out your next promotion? Whether you think you’re ready or not, or if others have told you that the time is right or wrong, ultimately it is your decision. Come listen to this conversation with women who were both encouraged and discouraged from taking that next step in their careers. Hear how they evaluated their strengths and decided what was best for them, and find out where they are now.

Coffeehouse Coaching

Do you have career advice questions you’d love to discuss with seasoned local government practitioners? Join us for casual, small group discussions with women who have been through it all and are happy to share their advice on career moves, interviewing, skill building, a current work dilemma, and anything else! Mingle between tables to get different perspectives on all of your most pressing questions.

Empowered Women. Empower Women: How to Become Your Professional Best While Elevating Others

Learn how to leverage your inherent female mindset to empower ourselves and each other - and the practical strategies designed to elevate your self-confidence, visibility, and prominence in the workplace. 

Speaker: Rhonda Moret, Founder of Elevate for Her & Elevated Diversity 

Help! I Need Somebody - Practical Tips & Programs for Supporting Women Colleagues

How can we practically support each other, both individually and organizationally? Join us to learn tips and strategies from women who have found ways to support specific colleagues and implement organizational programs. We’ll discuss everything from mentoring to specific programs like the City of Rancho Cucamonga’s “Baby on Board” program.

Face Time with the Legends

Ever wanted to have a conversation with some of the great City Managers of all time? Here’s your chance! Legendary City Managers Pat Martel, Cynthia Kurtz, Valerie Barone, and Karen Pinkos will share their career paths, some obstacles they faced along the way, great moments in their careers, and what it is like to be a trailblazing female in the field of local government. Hear about these great women’s “a-ha moments” and maybe have a few of your own.

Agenda Information

8:00 AM - 8:30 AM


8:30 AM - 8:45 AM

Welcome and Overview

Session 1
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

The Courage to Lead: Inner Dimensions of Leadership

Things I Didn't Know About Being a City Manager...Until I Was One!

Vegas Rules: Ask Me Anything!

Session 2
10:30 AM - 11:45 AM

Panel: Engaging Men as Advocates

What's Preventing You From Taking That Next Step?

Coffeehouse Coaching

12:00 PM - 1:45 PM

Lunch & Keynote Speaker

Session 3
2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

Empowered Women. Empower Women.

Help! I Need Somebody - Practical Tips & Programs for Supporting Women Colleagues

Face Time with the Legends

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Networking Event in the Rose Hills Foundation Garden Court 

Contact Information

2019 MMASC & WLG Women's Leadership Summit & L.A. County Roundtable Planning Committee:

Dominique Samario, MMASC Director of Membership Services
Ryan Hallett Hinton, MMASC Director of Finance/Treasurer
Marcella Marlowe, WLG Executive Board - Member at Large
Sarona Vivanco, WLG Vice President
Amanda Fowler, WLG Member 

Contact the Planning Committee by email: wls@mmasc.org